Every loaf of Cucina Classica sourdough contains five simple ingredients: flour; water; salt; bakers yeast and mother dough. The dough is naturally leavened for over 24 hours, then our bakers shape and score each and every loaf by hand. The end result is a loaf of bread that is full of not only texture and flavour, but the passion and love that the people who create them put into what they do. Mother dough: The secret to our signature sourdough bread is in our mother dough – it is what gives our artisan sourdough breads their complexity in flavours and a texture unlike any other. Mother dough is a natural source of fermentation that allows our sourdough to rise with only using a touch of yeast. We source our mother-dough from a bakery in San Francisco and it is derived from a 150 year old sourdough.

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