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Mangiamo! - Let’s Eat!

Our Story

My father Francesco Cardone migrated to Australia from Pietrecina Italy. In 1970 my parents, Francesco and Marcella Cardone, started their first business as shopkeepers at Cardone’s Continental Deli. I was four years old and every week my father would take me with him when he went to the East End Fruit and Vegetable Markets, The Independent Grocers, and the local coffee roaster to collect the coffee to be sold in our shop. I loved following my father everywhere he went. I didn't realise that those visits would be the beginning of my life in the food and coffee industry. As I lived and worked in the shop through my youth, I developed a passion for Continental food, great coffee, and excellent customer service. When I was 18, I began working in Adelaide’s leading Italian food institution at the time. I was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of some of Adelaide's legendary Restaurateurs and Chefs. From the wealth of this experience, I went on to co-create the following Cafes and Restaurants: Caon`s Restaurant, Grimaldi's, Scoozi Cafe Bar, Cibo Ristorante, 20 Cibo Espresso bars, The Apothecary, Joe's Henley Beach, Super Bueno and ultimately, Cucina Classica. Over this Journey I have taken time to create my secret sauce Please enjoy our Cucina Classica products which we too have the taken the time to cook for you. 


Italy Made in Australia. 


Mangiamo -Let’s eat!


Son of Shopkeepers, Roberto Cardone.

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