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Mangiamo! - Let’s Eat!


Here at Cucina Classica, we strive to support our planet every step of the way. From sourcing our produce locally, to packaging our products in recyclable and biodegradable materials, we are continuously innovating to ensure our practices are environmentally friendly.
Our new packaging includes the use of opaque coloured trays made from 60 % to 70 % recycled materials which may vary in colour due to the availability and colour of recycled materials used. These trays are fully recyclable and because they are not black, will be recognised by all current recycling facilities’ sorting technology.
We’ve switched to a sleeve instead of a box to use less cardboard in our packaging. The cardboard used is FSC certified, made from sustainable forests which supports the growth of responsible forests management worldwide. 
New Bamboo Paper Eco Fully Compostable.
100 % Renewable and Sustainable   Resources.
Compostable Pods Capsules.

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